Review in Brief: Fighting with my Family (2019)

I am not a wrestling fan. Childhood friends were and I suppose I must have unconsciously absorbed a few names and special moves, but I still know next-to-nothing about it. And yet I found FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY, this (mostly) true story rather compelling. It’s got all the classic beats of a sports movie (yes, even a training montage) and many of those expected from a British biopic too, but the honest performances, warmth and life lessons carry it through. You can laugh, you can cheer, you can get pretty darn emotional as you follow Paige and her mad family on their quest for success. Florence Pugh is versatile as always, embodying Paige at her best and worst and strong support is on hand from Nick Frost, Vince Vaughn and Jack Lowden. SSP

About Sam Sewell-Peterson

Writer and film fanatic fond of black comedies, sci-fi, animation and films about dysfunctional families.
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