Review in Brief: If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

BEALE STREET was this year’s biggest Best Picture snub. Not even a nomination. It’s not just a socio-historically coded title, the film represents a state of mind and a state of being – be proud of who you are and where you come from. It’s bold to start your story with the downward turn then use flashes of the heady good times to punctuate the drama. It has one of the best uncomfortable family gatherings ever committed to film. Nicholas Brittell’s swooning score somehow doesn’t feel like it’s overcompensating – the humanity spills over the edges of the screen. Tish and Fonny’s (Kiki Lane and Stephan James, both excellent) life together was stolen by a system rigged against them. Watch the documentary 13TH as a companion piece to get absolutely livid at the injustice. It’s less ethereal than MOONLIGHT, but arguably more relevant and just as beautiful. Barry Jenkins is a preeminent filmmaker. SSP

About Sam Sewell-Peterson

Writer and film fanatic fond of black comedies, sci-fi, animation and films about dysfunctional families.
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  1. Sam Simon says:

    Uh, you reminded me that I still have to watch this one! Thanks!

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