Hammond’s Dream Goes Global

We now know that Colin Trevorrow’s fourth JURASSIC PARK film, to be released in the 2015 “summer of death” with be called the suitably imposing JURASSIC WORLD.

It’s a major event when any information is released about a film stuck so long in development hell. Along with the title, we now also know that the new film will be shot in 3D. This is good – if they absolutely have to go 3D, then it’s encouraging that it will be specifically designed for such technology (like AVATAR and HUGO), rather than enduring a rushed post-conversion to boost the box office (like many recent Marvel/Disney films).

While next-to-nothing has been released about the plot, the title implies one thing above all else – this instalment is going to be bigger than any of the previous films in this dino-franchise. There’s been speculation already that Jurassic World implies an established and functioning (at least initially) prehistoric amusement park, but I reckon it further implies that the action will be on a global scale, and the inevitable point where the attractions run amok won’t be confined to a single, isolated island. Never mind a solitary T-Rex roaring at the San Diego skyline, this could end up like PACIFIC RIM in scale. Just imagine how incredible it would be to see a herd of stegosaurus or triceratops stampeding down Wall Street, or a breaching plesiosaur in Hong Kong harbour! Perhaps the creatures escape while on route to the new theme park?

It’s all conjecture at this stage of course, but Trevorrow and co. have immediately set up some grand expectations for their film. Let’s hope it’s at least in the spirit of Michael Crichton’s original novels, even if it’s heading in a new direction.

No word yet on any returning cast members from the franchise, but Jurassic World is due out on June 12, 2015, which puts it slap-bang in the middle of the “summer of death” following THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON in May and preceding BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN in July. Looks like Universal is aiming to upset the two-way clash of Marvel/Disney vs. DC/Warner Bros.

2015 is still set to be the biggest year for blockbuster filmmaking ever. Good luck to all involved – you’re going to need it! SSP

About Sam Sewell-Peterson

Writer and film fanatic fond of black comedies, sci-fi, animation and films about dysfunctional families.
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