Werewolves, Crawlers, Romans…Trolls

Neil Marshall is set to direct the American remake of André Øvredal’s Norwegian found footage horror TROLL HUNTER (2010), and pre-production is expected to begin shortly.

The Brit is known for well-constructed and stylish genre films such as the mortifyingly claustrophobic horror THE DESCENT (2005), Romans-in-Britain thriller CENTURION (2010) and his squaddie vs. werewolf masterpiece DOG SOLDIERS (2002). Troll Hunter seems the perfect material for Marshall to turn his hands to – he likes stories featuring gruesome monsters in desolate locales, and he rarely looses sight of his characters amongst gory spectacle.

I’m not usually one to back American remakes of films from around the world (though I loved LET ME IN), but I’ve got high hopes for this one. I found the original Troll Hunter a little dull and lifeless, and found the handheld filming style more of a distraction than an aid to the storytelling (the novelty of found footage films expired long before the Norwegians turned their hand to it). No word yet on whether the handheld filming style will be maintained in the remake, but I hope it’s not. With a talent like Marshall on board,  he could breathe new life into the material, and bring with him his passion for blood and beasties, as well as his versatility at helming small-scale projects (like Dog Soldiers and The Descent) as well as larger ones (the epic “BLACKWATER” GAME OF THRONES episode) depending on the budget he’s given. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the original’s uniquely Norwegian mythology will be maintained, and where in the world this new take will be set.

The Troll Hunter remake will rear its ugly head…at some point, and I’m looking forward to it. Neil Marshall is currently busy filming things on the small screen (though you could hardly call Game of Thrones small) and seemingly doesn’t have any other film projects – troll-related or otherwise – in the pipeline. That might change following his Hollywood debut. SSP

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